The discerning eye can see that coach Mike McCarthy loves the recent addition of the packer’s quarterback DeShone Kizer. McCarthy said that Kaiser’s strength is comparable to that of several quarterbacks in this draft, and it’s entirely comparable to Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen. (Josh Allen) compared to Josh Rosen.Green Bay Packers iron ons… Read Article →

Previously, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he was surprised by the team’s three-round selection of quarterback Mason Rudolph. He feels that the team will bring more help to the team than to choose a player who is destined to practice on the sideline for a while.Pittsburgh Steelers iron ons Ross Risberg also said that he… Read Article →

In the draft, the Raiders rookie, defensive frontline member Maurice Hurst fell all the way because of a heart problem diagnosed in the physical camp. Hearst was once considered to have the first round of talent, but was eventually selected by the Raiders until five rounds. In response, head coach Jon Gruden said that Hearst’s… Read Article →

On Friday, the Carolina Panthers officially announced that defensive guard coach Curtis Fuller resigned after being investigated for inappropriate behavior.Carolina Panthers iron ons Black Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond said: “After communicating with coach Fuller, we accepted his resignation. Coach Fuller was previously investigated for improper behavior. Black Leopard will strive to create a safe, comfortable… Read Article →

For the first three seasons, the Mustang has identified the starting quarterback candidate. The receiver, Emmanuel Sanders, also likes this player.Denver Broncos iron ons Saunders said on Wednesday: “For the first time in a few years, I don’t have to discuss which player the starting quarterback should belong to. I still remember seeing the Case… Read Article →

Veteran linebacker Jerrell Freeman announced his retirement decision. Freeman said on social media: “Today I will retire from the NFL. Health and family have always been my top priorities… Thanks to the Bears, Pony and Violent Cavalry (CFL team), and thanks to me only The Titan who had a cup of coffee there. You are… Read Article →

Lightning has determined that it will not let the near-end Antonio Gates continue to stay. They have officially bid farewell to them through social media and expressed their gratitude for his future and his contributions to the past.Lafayette Leopards iron ons Head coach Tom Telesco said: “Antonio is not only one of the greatest players… Read Article →

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