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“Super Girl” at the beginning of a brief description of the background story of Kara within a few minutes, and “Wonder Woman” Nothing – except vaguely prompt lines in “Diana is not entirely human.” What is that mean? No explanation. In the comics, Wonder Woman is the legendary Amazons of a princess.Wonder Woman tshirt transfers… Read Article →

It seems Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) need to clean up your own stomach. The Minnesota Vikings running back appeared in the injured list on the team on Sunday because of intestinal problems.Minnesota Vikings tshirt transfers According to news reporters at the time he was on the way to Detroit, because smoking tobacco cause allergies…. Read Article →

Peter · J · Tommasi (Peter J.Tomasi), Patrick Gleason (Patrick Gleason) and Mick Gray (Mick Gray) “Batman & Robin,” the story can be described as a new co-authoring 52 (the New 52) Batman Adventures in the early part of the most exciting.Batman tshirt transfers No matter how the fans to their favorite story rank in… Read Article →

“Wars Superman Batman: Justice Dawn” movie on the cover of the British “Total Film” authoritative film magazine, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman Big Three meet domineering exposed, in addition to magazine covers, the “war Superman Batman: Justice dawn “has also exposed a few new stills.Superman tshirt transfers DC Big Three covers of magazines somber, dark clouds… Read Article →

Thanos “(Thanos) In the” Guardians of the Galaxy “(Guardians of the Galaxy) few appearances, but has been behind the scenes manipulation, like” Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back “(The Empire Strikes Back) in the Ba Baiting Emperor (Emperor Palpatine).Thor iron on transfers In addition, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” will be the fourth satellites “Endless… Read Article →

As The Avengers “non-secret weapon”, Hulk incarnations ready at any time to prepare. Bruce Banner received the Hulk, he is now an important member of the Avengers Alliance. Although they had to use some special measures to prevent the Hulk out of control. Ban Na Boshi and Tony Stark also jointly developed the “Olympic Year… Read Article →

Regal cynical genius Tony Stark once again return. New York aftermath of the First World War disappeared, Tony Stark is determined to provide funding for the Avengers to fight against the forces of evil known. Tony Stark shoulder the heavy responsibility to protect the world, so he and Bruce Banner jointly developed an ultimate dimension… Read Article →

Cleveland Browns wide receiver in March this year with Dwyane – Bowie (Dwayne Bowe) signed a two-year guaranteed income includes $ 9 million contract. It continues to appear to be one of the worst contract Browns history. Brown still no one thought Bowie’s presence, he has played four games did not enter the list of… Read Article →

Tennessee Titans head coach Ken – Wesson Hunter (Ken Whisenhunt) in an interview announced that the team quarterback Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) team this week with 10-38 loss to the Miami Dolphins game the knee medial collateral ligament injury. Wesson Hunter said there was still unable to confirm whether Mali Horta played next… Read Article →

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