Monthly Archives: May 2017

Mike Zimmer, head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, recently finished his eighth righteous operation, but he would not retire regardless of what would happen. Zimmer even said that even if the eyes are completely blind, he will not leave the stadium. Last year, Zimmer’s right eye suffered a retinal detachment, and his recent surgery required… Read Article →

Dolphin quarterback Ryan – Tannessir had ACL part of the tear, he chose not to do surgery, and said stem cell therapy to make the ligament recovered. “Yes, (ACL) it’s strong and can play it,” said Tanne Hill, “I feel good and back to 100% of the state.”Miami Dolphins iron ons “Everything is fine and… Read Article →

New York Giants defensive player Jason Pierre-Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) since the pyrotechnic accident led to part of the appendix after the amputation he had a different change, and his teammates think he is far beyond the imagination. Justin Tuck, who won the Super Bowl with Pierre Paul, told reporters Pierre Paul is now stronger than… Read Article →

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