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The team ends up training for the next day. As the afternoon will leave for Auckland, local time on Thursday training will be arranged at 9:45 in the morning. Jordan joins Webster and Robey-Coleman, who did not attend today. McVay explained that they did not have serious injuries if they had to play at any… Read Article →

A heavy rain made New York Jets had to stop their training. The latest news, the team’s young take-off Lark – Whitehead (Lucky Whitehead) leg fractures, the current operation time has not been on the agenda, but his absence will be indefinite.┬áNew York Jets iron ons Originally in the loss of Brandon – Marshall (Brandon… Read Article →

Atlanta Falcon Run Devon Freeman (Devonta Freeman) in Sunday’s training in the concussion symptoms. On Monday, team leader Dan Quinn announced that Freeman had entered the concussion process and would not play against the Pittsburgh Steelers’ preseason game. “After yesterday we thought he had symptoms of heatstroke and let him enter the room, he reported… Read Article →

Brandon Marshall, the New Yorker’s giants, is trying to do anything that can help him learn tactics with quarterback Eli Manning.New York Giants iron ons Recently he shared with us a funny story of working with Manning, “that day we had just washed a bath, all hung with towels, he only changed half of the… Read Article →

Los Angeles Lightning is currently hoping that its first-round show, Mike Williams, will be able to participate in most of the new season.Army Black Knights iron ons According to reports, the team hopes to take over the rookie can return in October, after Williams because of lumbar disc herniation had to miss the team training… Read Article →

Buffalo Bill had traded Sammy Watkins on the injured list to the Los Angeles Rams, and from the Philadelphia Eagles to Jordan’s Matthews in order to fill his vacancy, The Matthews suffered a small setback in the first three seasons of Philadelphia, although he missed only two games because of injury, but he did not… Read Article →

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