The draft results may affect the lion near the end of the Ebelon contract

Dallas Cowboys logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Dallas Cowboys logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

As with the other first round show in 2014, the lion’s near-end Eric Ebron also welcomed when the rookie contract option was executed.Dallas Cowboys tshirt transfers

But there are other factors in the choice of lions need to consider: whether they will use the high draft pick off near the front. Bob Quinn, general manager of the lion, said the rookie near the front of the rookie was very deep and whether one of them would affect the implementation of the contract option for Ebullon.

“The possibilities are there,” Quinn said. “We’re still dealing with Eric, but for the next two weeks we will work harder to see how things are going.”Dallas Cowboys iron on transfers

It seems that the lion and the University of Miami close-knit David – David (David Njoku) the most closely related, lion near the front coach Al – Gordon (Al Golden) served as the Miami hurricane coach.

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