“Deadpool” to finalize the overall style of the actor or as “Iron Man”

Deadpool logo iron ons

Deadpool logo iron on transfers

One comic book movie “X-Men” rumored “Deadpool” (Deadpool), after exposure modeling photos and viral videos, recently released the latest news about the movie itself: Screenwriter Robert – Leiferde (Rob Liefeld ) revealed that the film’s overall style, will be similar to last year’s big sell “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the various types of mix together and become a full delight superhero film. And Ryan – played by actor on Reynolds Deadpool character set, similar to the “Iron Man” in Robert – Downey, a wisdom that has rich handsome charismatic man, but also a little like cocky little patience. Reynolds reference Ronaldinho performing style.Deadpool tshirt transfers

In fact, from the “Deadpool” before the release of the first stills, we can see a movie full of delight, Reynolds wearing red tights, like Buddha, like trips to the fireplace, looking quite happy feeling, overall and its image before playing Green Lantern different. “Deadpool” in the Marvel Comics comic’s famous “X-Men”, and is derived from the series of the most important roles in the series of films has repeatedly played degrees. Deadpool this 名德威尔逊, he was originally a veteran special forces, and later had cancer, in order to cure cancer, he won the genetic join Wolverine Weapon X program. After becoming Deadpool, Dulwich Wilson looks destroyed, and later because of the curse off the tyrants become immortal footer.

Ryan – Reynolds before playing “Green Lantern,” a complete failure, the play Deadpool will restore some of his career decline. In the “winning hit” contribution impressive performance “hit women” Gina – Carano, will play the role of a female ninja. The actor who played his wife in the popular series “Homeland Security,” the first two seasons in the Brazilian actress Mo Leina – Baccarin will play Deadpool lover “imitation cat” in the film. She was originally a variant of young people in the Boston living by selling their bodies, where they fell in love with mercenary – Wade – Wilson, the actor is “Deadpool.” Before long the two fall in love, Vanessa Wade employment task because they were abducted. After rescued back, Wade has since parted with cancer and with Vanessa. So Vanessa was Tolliver hired mercenaries stem from manual labor.Deadpool iron on transfers

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