“Batman Wars Superman” Progress: Hans Zimmer compose for trailer

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Although the highly anticipated DC Comics movie “Batman vs. Superman” There will be released a year, but the film’s trailer will be released in the first team, “Mad Max 4″ release of. Previous trailer will have one regret, and that is all temporary trailer music written, not being the film’s official film music. However, this does not happen in “Batman vs. Superman” at home. According to reports, the two arranger of the film, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL will follow trailer for this film’s trailer and compose music, one can glimpse from the main theme, and the theme song of the movie musical.Superman tshirt transfers

Hans Zimmer is known as “Hollywood blockbusters soundtrack spokesperson.” He had for Christopher Nolan’s “Batman trilogy,” and Zach Schneider’s “Superman: the man of steel,” wrote the music, but the “war Batman Superman” is a new movie, and plays Batman The actor also from Christian Bale replaced by Ben Affleck, it also re-write the music. Took over the job, for Hans Zimmer, is a simple choice is not because he wants to use the music built a new version of the old Batman can “hear” the bridge. Hans Zimmer is a famous Hollywood composer, he has received eight Oscar nominations, and in 1995 with “The Lion King” got an Oscar. His latest work is the landing screen “Interstellar.”

Around the end of 2014, the pre-shooting the film’s official fixing, videos from the April 2014 shooting began, until December of the same year fixing, shooting period up to eight months. For this film, the shooting period of eight months is not long. Because “Superman: Steel of the body” of a better reputation and excellent box office results, the director Zach Schneider took over the film’s logical guide tube, and “Batman vs. Superman” can be seen as “just Union “the film version of the overture. After the film, Warner will launch six DC comic book movie. The “Man of Steel 2″ is set in a stall in May 2018. From the current situation, Cavill plays Superman is still the main character of the film, in addition to Ben Affleck will star in Batman iceberg.Superman iron on transfers

From the movie title “Batman Wars Superman” can be seen between Batman and Superman has a very intense battle front. It is also produced by DC Comics Batman movie for the first time to make Superman appear on the movie screen. In addition, this as well as Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Laurence Fishburne, Holly Hunter starred join other famous movie star.

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