The dolphins made it clear that they would not trade Jarvis Landry

Miami Dolphins logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Miami Dolphins logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

US news Sunday, a news to Miami dolphins fans are sit still, there is news that the team is trying to trade Jarvis – Landry (Jarvis Landry).Miami Dolphins iron ons

But everything as we expected, not long before the team came out rumor. Sunday afternoon, the professional American football commentary program gives a very different message, “the parties to the news sources, dolphin trading is almost zero.”

In fact the dolphin is hoping to keep Landry, and Landry finished a record 288 ball in the first three seasons of the Dolphin and surrendered 3051 yards and 13 touchdowns, apparently One of the leading players in Miami.Miami Dolphins iron on transfers

And as the team’s current quarterback Jay – Catherle (Jay Culter) is clearly very much hope to give Landry to feed the ball, and Landry the 2 professional bowl players apparently want to continue to have a good performance.

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