Cowboys Texas tournament fare is only $ 25 and will all be donated

Dallas Cowboys logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers N496

Dallas Cowboys logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers N496

If you have the chance to spend only $ 25 in the Dallas Cowboys home AT & T center to watch a cowboy against Houston Texas game, would you like it?Dallas Cowboys iron ons

Such a good thing really happened. It is reported that all the profits of the game will be donated to the “United Way of Greater Houston Relief” Foundation, which is designed to help hurricane Harvey damage to the affected areas of the people.

The game is also the fourth game of the preseason, originally planned to be held at the NRG stadium, but due to the impact of the hurricane near the stadium, had to adjust the venue.Dallas Cowboys iron on transfers

The 25 dollar tickets are fans can casually sit, I believe this will be a good chance to close contact with the NFL team.

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