Behind every cup of coffee about Starbucks you must not know the little story

Starbucks logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Starbucks logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Today, the bustling area of ​​the global metropolis has almost every Starbucks (Starbucks), but in 1971 it was only a small face for coffee from Seattle’s troubled people. At this moment, there are 24 years since the birth of the Star Ice, the founder did not even think the company can be listed, but no one knows Pumpkin Spice Latte (pumpkin latte) is what. Obviously, after forty years there have been too much, so it is time to talk about those you do not know the history of Starbucks.Starbucks tshirt transfers

Speaking of Starbucks had to mention the person is the company’s current chairman and CEO Howard Schultz, he from the 80′s on the intermittent and the company grow together. But Starbucks was originally founded by three non-business people: Gordon Bowker (writer), Zev Siegl (history teacher), Jerry Baldwin (English teacher). They wanted to bring the best coffee to Seattle, so in 1971 in the Parker market opened the first Starbucks. At first only sold coffee beans, but Howard Schultz’s participation has brought about change.

“Starbucks” is the famous American writer Herman Melville novel “Moby Dick” in that high school Stanford mate. Although it sounds like weird enough, but the most primitive idea is more outrageous. Gordon Bowker first proposed the name is the name of the whaler in the novel – Podod. Lucky, more sensible idea to win, is it Starbucks sounds like caffeine? Perhaps because the mate love to drink coffee.Starbucks iron ons

Starbucks Logo is usually known as the siren, the purpose is to attract you to buy a cup of coffee. But the original who is not now the million fans, can be described as bare breast, very unsightly. In 1987, they covered her chest with long hair, but still “children should not be” until 1992 until now into the current version of the elderly.

Many talk shows have Tucao Starbucks unique terms. But tracing the source, why the small cup to be called tall or big cup called venti, really no exact basis. The first time the cup system was not in Starbucks, but another coffee chain created by Howard Schultz in 1986 – Il Giornale, his partner, Dawn Pinaud, admitted that they had just thought of this in a conference room.Starbucks iron on transfers

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