Tampa Bay Pirates sign the former wild horse security guard TJ-Ward

Denver Broncos logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Denver Broncos logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

TJ-Ward (T.J. Ward) is not unemployed for how long.

After being cut off by Denver Broncos for hours, the insider said the security was signed with the Tampa Bay pirate. The contract is one year and is worth up to $ 5 million.Denver Broncos iron ons

Ward was cut off by the wild horse in part because his $ 4.5 million in the last year of the contract was not guaranteed. He made 41 games for the Mustang in the last three seasons and was the key player of the 50th Super Bowl Champion. Ward scored 87 times in the last season, but he was troubled by hamstring injuries during the training camp.Denver Broncos iron on transfers

30-year-old Ward in the pirates will be listed as the first Chris – Conte (Chris Conte) and Keith – Tandy (Keith Tandy) competition playing time. Rookie Justin Evans (Justin Evans) and offseason to join the team JJ-Wilcox (J.J. Wilcox) is the location of the other two candidates.

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