Wilson fire sea full eagle sent pony third defeat

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Denver Broncos logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis Colts at home against the main quarterback. Seahawks quarterback Russell – Wilson fire full, came two touchdowns and out of a touchdown their own, the Seahawks also won with a large 46:18.Denver Broncos tshirt transfers

The first section, Seattle Seahawks scored first. Seahawks attacking group to advance to the scoring area can not find a good way to challenge the pony end area, forced by kicker Blair Walsh shot scored 3 points. However, after this, Seahawks offensive line gave the quarterback Russell – Wilson tremendous pressure, let the corner Wei Nate – Haile Si will Russell – Wilson sacked in the end zone, Haier Stan also won the rare safety points for the pony.

Section II, Seahawks defensive group continued to surprise the audience. Corner guard Justin – Coleman read the other quarterback pass intention to take the first step to take the pass line to complete the interception and return touchdowns, Seahawks 10-2 lead!

But then, the pony’s offensive team completely grabbed the stage. First, Robert – Thorbin Road rushed the ball in the old main body scored 6 points; after the official suspension, the pony steadily through the short pass, the final by Moncliff touchdown touchdowns complete the go-ahead.Denver Broncos iron ons

Even so, Seahawks still have the opportunity to chase points. No choice of Wilson twice the large size, close-end Jimmy – Graham and Paul – Richardson took Seahawks to the shooting area. However, the kicker Blair – Walsh actually missed the shot, Seahawks only with a disadvantage of 5 into the locker room.

Section III Seahawks first attack. Pony defense team kept foul seahawk submitted. Two consecutive attempts to prevent Wilson from challenging the right side of the area, but after a file made a big mistake in the attack, the middle of the city gate to be completed by Wilson Wilson Chong touchdowns. Seahawks 16:10 lead again. Seahawks additional shot did not, but this time the pony anger sent a gift, Seahawks get re-playing additional points, select the two-point conversion of the Seahawks to rewrite the score 18:15.

After the pony shot a score, the score back to 18 levels. However, this time the Seahawk Daihatsu prowess, first run Wei Nancy Michaux gram 30 yards Chongqin touchdowns, after the defensive end front made by Smith off the center lineback Bobby – Wagner back touchdowns. Only 4 minutes, Seahawks scored 14 points ahead!

The fourth quarter, the Seahawks Yuezhanyueyong, quarterback Russell – Wilson pass to the proximal Luke – Wilson, completed 6 yards touchdowns, the score came to 39:18. Establishing a great advantage of the Seahawks began a reasonable time to kill, pony look anxious in the eyes, but there is no solution. Seahawks running guard Mike Geshek on the outside speed advantage throw off the pony linebacker to complete the touchdowns touchdown, Seahawks 46:18 lead! A rookie in the same game to complete his career the first catch and rushing touchdowns, the game of great significance to him.

After the stopwatch finished some time away, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Indianapolis Pony 46:18 and swept the shadow of a defeat to Titan.

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