Carles Campbell: The depth of the lineup is important

Long Beach State 49ers Logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Long Beach State 49ers Logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

As the defensive end Dante Fowler was banned for violating the league’s personal behavior policy, the first battle of the Jaguar regular season added additional difficulty. Teammate Calais Campbell said the sudden situation highlighted the importance of a full lineup.Long Beach State 49ers tshirt transfers

Campbell said that Fowler can make the jaguar better when he is on the court. Although he will miss the game against the giants, the depth of the lineup can alleviate the problem. Campbell also pointed out that this may not be the only game the team needs to tap the depth of the lineup.

“We haven’t had any injuries in the 2017 season,” Campbell said. “I had expected the same development this year, but football didn’t have a head start, and it could make a big difference in a week or two. It also makes the lineup particularly important. The rotation will keep every player energetic. Our goal is to reach the playoffs and win the division championship. The rotation is the key to success.”Long Beach State 49ers iron on transfers

On the basis of retaining last year’s lineup, the Jaguar also selected Taven Bryan in the first round to continue to strengthen the defensive line.

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