After intercepting Joe Thomas, he lost 50 pounds after retiring

Duquesne Dukes Logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Duquesne Dukes Logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Unknowingly, All-Pro left tackle Joe Thomas has been retiring for the past four months.Duquesne Duke iron ons

In 11 seasons, Thomas has been a key link in Brown’s offensive line. He used his huge body to block the impact of many times. However, after retiring, it is not necessary to maintain the interception figure.

When attending the NFL Network program on Monday, Thomas said he had lost 50 pounds (about 22.7 kg). In the 2017 Brown team official data, Thomas weighed 312 pounds (about 141.5 kg).Duquesne Duke iron on transfers

Thomas said: “The weight loss is almost what I am most eager to do after retirement.” He is not the only striker who has lost weight after retirement. Nick Hardwick, a member of the original Lightning striker, and Alan Faneca, who had entered the Hall of Fame finals, also lost their excess weight after retiring.

Thomas made it clear before that the game he played in the past 11 years has added extra burden to him. He also believes that he can’t continue playing.

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