Manzel confidently will perform better in the Skylark team

Fairfield Stags Logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Fairfield Stags Logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Johnny Manziel has not yet played a regular season in the Canadian Professional Football League (CFL), but he has already tasted the deal. But this will only make him more aggressive.Fairfield Stags iron ons

Manzel said that he is confident that he will do a better job in the new home of Montreal Skylark: “I am confident in my ability to bring the team. Football is a team sport. In order to win on the match day, everyone has to participate. Come in. I am looking forward to the future.”

Skylark coach Mike Sherman once directed Manzel at Texas A&M University (2011), and Manzel also said that he is very happy to meet again.Fairfield Stags iron on transfers

“I didn’t want to eat a fat man at once, and I understood everything at once, but I had known him and coach Sherman and trusted him. I believe he can lead the team in the right direction.” Manzel said .

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