J.J. Watt has a good recovery and can participate in the regular season

Green Bay Packers logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Green Bay Packers logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

According to ESPN reporters, the Texas defensive end J.J. Watt’s physical test results “excellent explosion level”, the tibial plateau fracture injury has no effect, can participate in the regular season.Green Bay Packers iron ons

But people may worry that the history of injury will affect the play of Watt. In the 2016 season, Watt was reimbursed for his back injury season. Two consecutive years of injuries seem to tell the fans that Watt’s hard work has already had a negative impact on him.

However, the importance of Watt to the Texans is unquestionable. After he left the game last year, quarterback Deshaun Watson was the hope of the team to make the playoffs, but with Watson’s anterior cruciate ligament tearing season reimbursement, this last hope Also turned into a bubble.

According to the Football Outsiders website, Texans ranked 23rd in defensive efficiency. Although Tyrann Mathieu and Aaron Colvin joined the second line, this does not necessarily improve the killing. Number (32) and kill rate.Green Bay Packers iron on transfers

What is certain is that the return of Watt will make the Defensive defensive team once again become one of the strongest in the league. I hope he can continue his brave performance.

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