Pickle back! George announced the Heat comeback fight

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Pacers star Paul – George announced on a personal Twitter time in the United States on Sunday (GMT next Monday morning at six) Pacers home game against the Miami Heat comeback.

Back to health is a long process, and now I want to further the situation, “George said at a news conference,” I am very grateful to my family, friends, doctors, trainers, coaches, and all walkers large members of the family, I always thank everyone for their support. I am glad to be able to return to the court, but I also knew that he is still in the recovery period, I would be cautious about the game, fight to regain the best condition as soon as possible. ”

“We are very pleased to Paul (George) can re-wear clothes game, which is another big he overcame injury process,” Pacers general manager – Larry Bird said, “He has been very hard to want to quickly re- back to the arena, we are delighted to welcome him back. He’s playing time will be limited, he also needs some time to gradually find the feel for the game. ”

Last summer, Paul – George hit in the US national team to participate in training camp when the team warm-up match in severe fractures, and sometimes a cause for concern throughout the sports world. When he injured a number of doctors have said the United States George needs 12-14 months recuperating, but George rapid recovery. Back in the All-Star before Hou Qiaozhi has hinted that he might return at any time.

In the All-Star break, the Pacers once made the best record in the league, they have played over the seven-game winning streak, ranked seventh in the East. George wound up winning teammates do not want to upset the rhythm, there is no rush to return. But then the Pacers took a plunge, they suffered a six-game losing streak after a seven-game winning streak, the last 12 games, made only 9 wins and 3 losses record, currently ranked tenth in the eastern part of 33 wins 43 negative results. Heat eighth distance difference 1.5 wins (Miami currently a game).

In the case of the regular season only six games, George led the Pacers comeback success playoffs it? We wait and see! But regardless of the final outcome, to see the “Pickle” back on the court, but also to the final stages of the regular season has brought a big surprise!

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