Rob – Marcus Khodorkovsky contract was not satisfied

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New England Patriots logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

New England Patriots tight end Rob – Marcus Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) recently released its own tweets for March and the team complete the contract dissatisfaction.

He complained wrote: “If you think that the option contract is equal to the next four seasons income will decline, perhaps this is the reason why I do not work hard, ha ha.” Of course, Khodorkovsky is still participating in the team voluntary organizations off-season training camp.New England Patriots tshirt transfers

Patriots selected Khodorkovsky’s contract option in 2016 to pay him 2.25 million dollars, but in 2015 earned 475 million dollars, so it’s easy to understand why he was not satisfied.

USA Today reporter had an interview with him, his answer also mixed with dissatisfaction, “the contract, not what I want, but I began to recover off-season training yesterday, the team was back to feeling great, I have prepared next season. ”

The contract for Khodorkovsky for 2017 can be obtained 4.25 million dollars in 2018 can earn 800 million US dollars, in 2019 the last year can get 9 million dollars. Due to 23.93 percent the previous experience injuries, contract security payments account for only part of Khodorkovsky contract.New England Patriots iron on transfers

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