Gasol: I guess my brother would go to Spurs future

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Chicago Bulls logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Paul – Gasol left the Bulls seemed just a matter of time. In an interview, Gasol said that if you have to guess, he thought his brother would go to the Spurs Gregg Popovich to play.

“I did not talk to him about this, but have to guess, then I think he will go to San Antonio.”Chicago Bulls tshirt transfers

Gasol July will turn 36 years old next season, he also has a value of $ 7.7 million player option. Taking into account their own situation and the Bulls record, much is likely to become a free agent out of the contract.

For the Bulls record this season, a big plus not hide his disappointment: “is chaos, I will assess their needs and then decide the way we ended the season is not beautiful, it is disappointing when you need to make a decision. , I will evaluate something. feels so difficult end of the season. ”

Gasol this season still play very high efficiency, averaging 16.5 points 11.0 rebounds and 4.1 assists. Increases with age, if the Spurs, he may need to accept as David – West that role. Chicago Bulls iron ons

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