49 Managing Director: Nick does not exclude the trading week Capet

San Francisco 49ers logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

San Francisco 49ers logo T Shirt Iron on Transfers

Before the draft day, the San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent – Buck (Trent Baalke) does not exclude transactions quarterback Colin – Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) is possible, he also said the team has not been discussed internally deal with the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam – Bradford.San Francisco 49ers iron ons

“I would not say that we are actively want to trade, but I would not rule out the possibility the transaction occurred,” Buck expressed.

Two people familiar with the ESPN represents 49 people will not pick a quarterback with their seventh pick in the draft, which makes the overall 6th to 10th overall among become an interesting location . 49 people may have the opportunity to pick the first team from the University of Memphis quarterback Paxton – Lynch (Paxton Lynch) team, he is widely considered to be in Jared – Gove (Jared Goff) and the card It was the first pick in the quarterback after Wentz (Carson Wentz) – Sen. Nick Capet in 49 people are not happy emotions and desire to play other teams could make the team’s new coach Chip – Kelly (Chip Kelly) Looking for a new aid in the free agent market to serve as his quarterback.

This gives the quarterback who the team needs, such as the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, sent a signal – which may drive them know before they turn 49 selected players still have a chance to complete the transaction. Broncos have said they are willing to let Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) as a starter and let Trevor – Xi Mian (Trevor Siemian) participate in the competition. The Jets side, they are still in last year’s starting quarterback Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) in contract tug of war, and it seems to have had no signs of the end of negotiations.San Francisco 49ers iron on transfers

Anyway, this is 24 hours before the draft fairly conventional drama, it may be the offseason most unexpected events.

If Capet Nick finally left in the first and 49 in color for fast quarterback Kelly’s offensive system, which is not surprising. But most people feel reasonably possible does not always happen, which is why 49 people are still not completely rule out the transaction.

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