Atlanta Falcon quarterback Matt Ryan said that in the offseason’s offseason, Julio Jones, who was unable to fully participate in training due to the need to recover from a foot surgery, was able to This year’s offseason has the opportunity to train with Jones and feel excited.Atlanta Falcons iron ons However, Jones missed the team’s… Read Article →

After playing for the Patriots for nine games, veteran defensive end Cassius Marsh was abandoned by the team, and then 49 people accepted him. Marche recalled that the time spent playing for the Patriots was very bad.New England Patriots iron ons “There is no fun at all, nothing at all, let alone happy things. I… Read Article →

Although the receiver, John Ross, has begun to participate in 11-person confrontation training, another key member of the offensive team will need a little time to return.Cincinnati Bengals iron ons Last season, near-end Tyler Eifert played only two games. He was subsequently undergoing back surgery and was reimbursed for the season. Due to injuries, Evert… Read Article →

Christian Kirk officially became a Cardinals player. On the afternoon of Thursday, US time, Cardinals signed a four-year rookie contract with Cork.Charlotte 49ers iron ons Cork said: “I can’t wait, so when I learned that I can sign this week, I am happy to forget. Although I have been in the team for a while,… Read Article →

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback who has torn the anterior cruciate ligament, is gradually recovering.Denver Broncos iron ons In the training of Texas people on Tuesday, Watson participated in a 7-to-7 training. At present, the knees after surgery are in good condition. Watson told reporters: “The knees feel pretty good, you can pass the ball and… Read Article →

The judge dismissed two allegations of felony convictions against Reuben Foster. After listening to the testimony of Foster’s ex-girlfriend, the judge held that the prosecution did not have sufficient evidence to prove Foster’s domestic violence. The police had previously found a semi-automatic rifle in the home of Foster, accusing him of possessing aggressive weapons, but… Read Article →

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