The Detroit Lions signed a one-year contract with defensive tackler Sylvester Williams, thus filling one of the most needed holes.Detroit Lions iron ons 29-year-old Williams will replace Haloti Ngata of the Philadelphia Eagles. He may be the starting point and with A’Shawn Robinson and Akim Spencer ( Akeem Spence) made a rotation. The latter two… Read Article →

Nadaukong Suh’s free agent trip will end prematurely. According to NFL Network reporters Michael Silver and Ian Rapoport, the defensive tackle canceled the trip with the Raiders on Wednesday and will return to Portland early to consider their own New owner.Miami Dolphins iron ons According to the original plan, Su should go to Oakland with… Read Article →

After trading defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to the pirates, the Giants added one more off-season demand: the rush passer. This year’s rookie may just be able to help them relieve their urgency.Delaware Blue Hens iron ons According to IFLOPPORT (Ian Rapoport), an NFL Network reporter, the Giants will allow Chab to pick up after privately… Read Article →

After Torrey Smith, the team’s original and far-reaching threat, was traded to the Carolina Panthers, the Hawks needed to find players to fill the vacancies.Philadelphia Eagles iron ons According to IFLOPPORT (Ian Rapoport), an NFL Network reporter, the Hawks chose Mike Wallace, a crowing receiver, before signing. Wallace will sign up for $2.5 million over… Read Article →

The Detroit Lions got a veteran near-end striker. According to an IFLOPPO reporter Ian Rapoport, the Lions signed a $2.5 million contract with the former seahawk forward, Luke Willson. Wilson with two “l”s in his surname will replace Eric Ebron who left before.Detroit Lions iron ons Although Wilson’s number of catches (89) can’t match Ibrahimovic,… Read Article →

After a week with the Pittsburgh Steelers, special team star Matthew Slater eventually returned to New England Patriots.New England Patriots iron ons According to an NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo, Slater will renew his contract with the Patriots for two years. Slater, 32, was visiting Steelers when the Patriots traded the Raiders back to attacker… Read Article →

Tom Brady still has no shortage of helpers. According to an NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, the Patriots obtained an outsider, Cordarrelle Patterson, from the Raiders, and Patterson is currently waiting for a medical examination. The Raiders also sent a 6-round pick and the Patriots also signed in 5 rounds.Houston Texans tshirt transfers Patterson is… Read Article →

Ndamukong Suh is a big fish in the free market this offseason, and currently there are at least 2 teams to choose from. Last week, Sue was released by the Miami Dolphins. So he visited New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titan. Afterwards, he told Yahoo Sports reporter that the two visits were all good.Jackson State… Read Article →

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